Business Cooperation
Release time 2017-03-17

Sill bearing networkwork is founded by Ningbo Sill Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional, global, set the computer PC side (in English), WeChat public platform in one of the large bearing portal, But also a bearing with information platform, trading platform in one of the product marketing vertical platform.Sill bearing networkwork as a third party to provide objective and fair online information service.For registered users to provide effective marketing, precise marketing, word of mouth marketing, and the full range of brand marketing, network marketing and advertising solutions services.Nearly hundred bearing with domestic enterprises, thousands of overseas buyers to set up a partnership, a month for merchants to do sales.At the same time, the sill bearing networkwork shopping search free goods data included the businessman, commodity fair and accurate information to be pushed to the user.In addition, sill bearing networkwork union bank, insurance, legal, detection, the government, such as the third party authority, for every deal.To control risk, make the product smoothly into the global market.

Cooperation mode:

1. Shopping search commodity data cooperation: the first step: click on the complete business registration form.The second step: fill in enterprise qualification certificate of the (enterprise qualification certification materials include: business license, tax registration certificate copy, copy ICP certificate and ICP certificate copy) scans a unified send Email to, wait staff review and notify the sill bearing networkwork.The third step: after approval, submit detailed information about goods, wait for validation.Step 4: success become businesses, goods into the sill bearing web site.

2. other cooperation: such as the exchange of links, joint activities, such as those who need to send mail to the business cooperation contact.

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