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sill bearing networkwork user service agreement

Dear users:

Welcome you to join sill bearing networkwork! Ningbo sill network technology co., LTD. According to the following terms and conditions provide enjoy service for you, please read it carefully and follow.

1.Scope of the arrangement

Through the visit/use of this web site, said you have agreed to accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.sill bearing networkwork on the basis of this agreement to provide service for you.This agreement includes the body and all the RACES and bearing network has been released or may publish all kinds of rules in the future.All the rules as an integral part of the agreement, have the same legal force with the agreement of text.

2. The change and modification of this agreement and modification

Sill bearing networkwork, is entitled to under the terms of the business needs to take into consideration the revised content and update in the form of web site announcement, no longer separate notice to you.The revised terms once released in sill bearing networkwork, namely the effect.If you don't agree with relevant revision, please immediately stop using this web site.If you continue to use this website service, will be treated as you have accepted the revised terms of content, and when you sill bearing when there is a dispute, the latest terms shall prevail.

3. If you are registered as sill bearing networkwork users, you must abide by the following terms:

(1) a registered user account, you must provide true, accurate and complete registration information; (2) apply for user accounts must ensure that data and information provided by legal, otherwise all the legal consequences shall be borne by the registrant. (3) registered users need to maintain and update the registration information to keep it true, accurate and complete.If the information you provide untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, this website reserves the right to terminate the service for you. (4) if discover your registration information submitted does not comply with the following provisions, this website reserves the right to terminate your services. ·you are not engaged in bearing manufacturer or the buyer; ·you provide the registered information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete;

Security Account

During registration, you can choose a user name and password, and must be properly kept, at the same time the use of the user name and password is responsible for all activities.If you find your user name and password stolen, please modify your password, or notify the site administrator. In addition, this website will make every effort to protect the user's information, but not sure this web site or guarantee the security of any personal information, the user must own risk.

5. Information in this website, you must agree to:

1) registered as a user, and bearing network you can use this website to provide online information publishing system you supply the information, purchase information and cooperation. (2), once found you release information belongs to the following situation, this website reserves the right to delete your information. · you can release information has nothing to do with the bearing industry; · you to fill in the contact information is not complete; · Released the same day many times, the same information; ·you release a malicious provocative or false information.

6. About the third party links

This web site may provide services and links to other Internet sites or resources, but does not mean this website for links to third party web site or the content of the position.Whether can use for third-party web sites or resources, this website also does not assume the liability for guaranteeing the.Because of the use or rely on the loss of or damage to the sites or resources, this website also does not afford any responsibility.

7. Termination of service

This website reserves the right to at any time, temporarily or permanently terminate this service (or any part), whether or not notice.This web site for the termination of service to the user or any third person does not undertake any responsibility.This website reserves the right to for any reason, terminate the user's account, password, or the use of the service, this web site to take the above actions are without notice, and to the user or any third person does not undertake any responsibility. (1)you agree that under the condition of the sill bearing networkwork not to charge you, sill bearing networkwork can solely decided to termination of your service for any reason at all.You agree that in the case of sill bearing network charge to you, sill bearing networkwork should be based on reasonable doubt and the email notification under the condition of the implementation of the above termination of service.You further acknowledge and agree that race and bearing network according to the provisions of this agreement under the condition of termination of your service can immediately make your account is invalid, or cancel your account and in your account all the relevant information and archives.sill bearing networkwork under no obligation to retain the original account for you or any related information.In addition, you agree that sill bearing networkwork would not terminate service to you and any liability to you or to any third party. (2)You have the right to cancel your account with the sill bearing network, and the sill bearing network will cancel your account when you check it through the sill bearing network. Then you will terminate the contract relationship with the sill bearing network based on this agreement. After your account has been written off, the sill network has no obligation to reserve or disclose any information in your account to you or to forward any information that you have not read or sent to you or third parties. (3), you understand and accept that you after the termination of contract with the sill bearing networkwork relations: A) sill bearing networkwork shall have the right to continue to save your data. B) you are using the service exists during the violation or breach of this agreement and/or rules of behavior, sill bearing networkwork can still be on the basis of this agreement to any claim to you.

8.About the cost

Registered ordinary users in the use of basic services are free of charge, charge service depends on user need.The charging standard services in this website will be published on the website in detail.sill bearing network reserves the right to modify the cost terms, once the cost terms has been changed, and will immediately inform the user.

9. The application of the law and jurisdiction

This use agreement comes into effect, the performance, interpretation and dispute of all applicable laws of the People's Republic of China, in connection with this agreement submitted by sill bearing networkwork (www.sillcn.com) is located under the jurisdiction of the court.Our terms of service due to conflict with the current law of the People's Republic of China and lead to partial invalidation, does not affect the validity of the other parts.


This web site to the user's notice, in the form of E-mail or page announcement.The terms of this agreement to modify or change other items, this website will be in the form of a notice.